Extremely small DPM on medical devices

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On many medical devices, there are very small or difficult-to-scan bar codes or QR codes or Data Matrix codes on the surface, for tracing related information, and most of the barcodes are presented by engraving or etching and we called direct print mark codes(DPM). At this time, general scanners cannot scan these bar codes/DPM properly.

We received a similar request when we provided scanning equipment to a US medical device supply company. In this case, they needed to provide the hospital with scanners for scanning DPM codes on medical forceps and scissors. This type of DPM is a QR code that is very small in size, only 1.5mm~2mm, and is engraved. The customer tried different styles of scanning guns, and the scanning results were not satisfactory. So the customer found us and we recommended HS-28DPM, an industrial-grade scanner gun. HS-28DPM is a handheld scanner designed and manufactured for DPM code and industrial, medical, and manufacturing scenarios, besides scanning common barcodes and QR codes, it also has superb DPM scanning performance. In addition, the HS-28DPM has a rugged design with IP68 protection for different environments and easy medical sterilization and cleaning and is equipped with a deep intelligent learning function that allows it to learn and debug on the fly when encountering different barcode extremes so that it can easily decode a wide range of ultra-small, dense, and low-contrast barcodes and DPMs.

After receiving the HS-28DPM scanner, the customer was very satisfied with the test results and immediately supplied it to the local hospital, making the whole project progress smoothly.

Other brands, such as Zebra and Honeywell, Cognex, etc., all have industrial-grade scanners. In comparison, what are the advantages of HS-28DPM?

1. Higher cost performance. In the same class of products, HS-28DPM has an absolute price advantage.

2. Stronger DPM scanning capabilities. HS-28DPM has stronger DPM scanning performance among industrial scanners in the same price range.

3. Ultra-rugged design. Competitors in the same price range usually do not come with an IP68 protection rating, but IP42 or IP54.


We also have the wireless version for HS-28DPM, to improve the working efficiency, without the limit of cord.


If you have such needs, please contact us, we can provide the best solution.


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