Embedded QR Code Scanner for POS Device

2023-11-16 15:45:11 8

Embedded QR Code Scanner for POS Device

In a recent customization project, our Brazilian customer approached us to recommend a good embedded scanner to be installed in their POS equipment. 

Considering all the factors, we recommended the EP9000, and after six months of development and design, the project has been successfully launched. 

During the six months of development and interface with the customer, the following advantages of EP9000 reduced our development cycle and made the project successful:

  1. Compact design. The EP9000 is compact and small enough to be designed into any device. 

  2. Multi-Interface. When the customers are considering what interface to connect with the host, EP9000 will be the correct option as it supports USB, TTL, RS232, Wiegand, and RS485 interfaces. 

  3. High performance. The EP9000 has an ultra-high scanning performance on both barcodes and QR codes, no matter it's printed or displayed on mobile screens. It's an ideal product for POS applications.  

If you're developing a similar POS device, we can provide a good scanning solution! 


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