QR code scanner for parking lot system

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When choosing a QR code scanner for your parking lot payment system, you will consider a number of factors that may affect the operation of the device. When we provided a scanning solution for a European parking equipment company, we made the following recommendations, tests, and selection recommendations.

1. Long-range scanning capability

In some parking lots, customers may want to pay their bills directly in the car, so this will require your scanner to be able to scan the QR code on the customer's cell phone screen from a far enough distance.

2. High and low-temperature environment

In many areas, the winter temperature is very low, and many places in the summertime is scorching, so, deployed in an outdoor parking lot charging system, must be able to withstand the impact of extreme temperatures to ensure normal operation.

3. Scanning ability under direct sunlight

There are many outdoor parking designs that will let the scanner be exposed to sunlight, and many scanners on the market in the face of direct sunlight, can not complete the scanning task. EP8200 can completely solve this problem, no matter what the light environment, and can always ensure normal scanning.

4. Waterproof ability

Needless to say, the outdoor environment will certainly test the device's ability to protect, EP8200 adopts an IP54 sealing design, with a primary waterproof function, so that your device in different weather conditions to maintain normal operation. 


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