How to integrate the OEM scan engine with raspberry PI

2023-11-16 15:45:11 105

If you are using Raspberry Pi microcontroller / single-board computer to develop your system and need a 1d/ 2d OEM barcode scanner module at the same time, then this article would be helpful for you: here we introduce how we connect the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ micro-controller with Yokoscan OEM barcode scanner modules and how to make them work each other.

When we try to integrate an OEM barcode scanner with the Raspberry Pi microcontroller board, we would meet these problems:

  1. The OEM barcode scanner module with 12pins TTL interface, but Raspberry Pi board without this type of connector, then how can we connect them together?

  2. Whatever the OEM barcode scanner module we choose, how can we make the barcode scanner to work with Raspberry Pi and also upload decoded data to the Raspberry Pi system?

Connect via Dupont cable.


Connect via USB cable. 


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