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Self-service equipment refers to the electronic information equipment consisting of human-computer interaction interface, the user can operate according to the equipment prompts, can store information, and provide inquiries, printing, bill payment and product sales and other service functions. With the development of society, a variety of business hall self-help business processing and outdoor unattended self-help equipment arrangement has shown a rapid development of the trend. All kinds of self-service equipment for people's life brings a lot of convenience, at the same time without or reduce the personnel involved in the service, evacuate the crowd for business, speed up the efficiency of business processing, enhance the user experience, save a lot of labor expenses .

Self-service devices with integrated QR code scanning engine module can easily and quickly carry out identity verification, mobile payment, and also enrich business model through mobile APP. In the self-service equipment integrated QR code scanning module, the QR code module is required to have good scanning of various cell phone screen bar codes (especially the bar code of low brightness screen with film), and the product is required to have good anti-ambient light interference performance, outdoor layout needs to resist strong light interference, indoor needs to be sensitive to induction scanning in dark environments, but also to avoid false triggering caused by changes in light. At the same time, because the power supply of the self-service machine fluctuates greatly with the various scenes of the arrangement, and the electromagnetic interference of the arrangement also varies, so the QR code module is required to have special design in the power supply input protection design and anti-electromagnetic interference to ensure the reliability of the product.

● Usage Scenarios confirmation (protection level): first determine whether the self-service equipment is applied to outdoor or indoor, so as to determine the demand for protection level of self-service equipment, according to the overall protection level requirements matching different protection level of QR code module. For example, if the whole machine is well protected for outdoor use, it is only necessary to integrate the QR code module to reveal part of the window waterproof. If the whole machine protection is not good, the whole machine may have water splashed into the interior, then the whole QR code module is required to be waterproof (including the window, the combination of the window and the body, the combination of the upper and lower cover of the body, the wire and the interface of the body, the wire itself as an integrated waterproof).

● Usage Scenarios confirmation (structure optics): firstly, the size of the QR code module is selected according to the space reserved for pre-installed QR code module in the machine, and secondly, the scope of scanning is determined according to the size and orientation of the scanning window of the whole machine. Since the self-service machine is the user to take the bar code (whether it is a cell phone screen QR code or paper media printed QR code) to get close to the scanning window to scan, so the self-service machine integrated QR code module must choose a large field of view of the QR code module (generally choose between 65-86 degrees), only a large field of view of the scanning area is large, the user comes together to easily scan the experience is good.

At the same time, if you require a good experience, you need to choose the corresponding QR code module according to the sample barcode, for example, only read the cell phone screen, need to read the cell phone screen and paper QR code, these two scenarios need to choose a different QR code module. At the same time, if you require a good experience scanning sensitive and fast, the choice of the QR code module sensor needs to be paired with a global exposure sensor, the minimum frame rate to 60 frames or more. The best resolution of the sensor is 300,000, here it is easy to make a mistake is that the resolution is not about high about good, because the sample barcode read by the self-service machine is not ultra-small barcode (such as 2 * 2 mm), so there is no need to choose 1 million, the same a barcode resolution is high means that the capacity of the picture is large data, high resolution will instead lead to slow decoding speed.

● Identification test: the most likely problem in the integration of two-dimensional code module is the test only in the office test, the actual use of the problem. Because the two-dimensional code module is affected by the ambient light is relatively large, so in the test needs to be in the office, outdoor bright light (sun days), outdoor darkness (can be simulated in the room) three kinds of environment test verification, to see whether the scanner can be smoothly scanned to identify the bar code (general test cell phone, if the actual use of paper strip code then paper strip code samples also need to test).

● Reliability test: the core is the power supply fluctuations caused by downtime or USB communication can not be uploaded, such a situation requires an adjustable power supply to simulate whether the scanner can work normally after sudden changes in voltage and current, for example, the scan module power supply is 5V, the actual power supply may appear limit, for example, the voltage may suddenly pull down to 4.2, then need to pull down to 4.2V to test. If the scanner does not work after the scanner is pulled low, and it does not work after the voltage is restored, then you need to consider changing the supplier or discussing the overall integration solution with the supplier.

Experience test: Self-service machines generally read the QR code of cell phone screen, because there may be various sizes of cell phones and film, so the test needs to find the sample of cell phone with film when choosing the sample, at the same time, because the brightness of cell phone screen is different, if APP or small program does not do similar to the bright code of payment sweep after the screen automatically dimming function, it needs to collect 1/2 or 1/3 of the screen brightness Sample barcode for testing.

● Judgment of reliability: Since the reliability of the QR code module only relies on the sample short-term may not be able to test the reliability, this time it is necessary to judge whether the manufacturer is a self-research and development manufacturer, the length of time the manufacturer has accumulated industry research and development technology, the strength of the manufacturer's research and development capabilities in the industry. At the same time, you can confirm what specific technology development and testing the manufacturer has done on the product reliability research and development. For example, in the hardware circuit overcurrent, overvoltage, anti-static and so on whether to do a special circuit design and protection .

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