Barcode Scanner in Access Control System Solution

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In places such as subway, high-speed rail, automobile passenger transportation, park entrances and exits, office building entrances and exits, community entrances and exits, in order to cope with the peak crowd scenario of fast payment and identity verification, to enhance the user's convenient payment and verification of passage, the use of gates with integrated QR code recognition function to achieve IoT + application can enhance the user experience, while using APP to enrich the business model.

    In the two-dimensional code gate application, it is necessary to use the two-dimensional code module that can quickly identify the barcode on the cell phone screen, and the recognition performance needs to consider the cell phone film and cell phone low brightness also has a good recognition effect, and at the same time in some outdoor gate access scenarios need the two-dimensional code module with anti-light function, and at the same time has a good IP protection level.

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In the apartment and short-term rental apartment hotel, in the residential area elevator entrance, and the entrance of some places, the use of integrated two-dimensional code module of the two-dimensional code door lock, two-dimensional code code access control integrated machine, you can rarely achieve remote authorization to open the lock, limited time period and display the number of times or visitor management. Greatly improve the management efficiency, but also through the APP to enrich the business model.

     In the two-dimensional code door lock and access control machine integration scenario, because the two-dimensional code door lock using battery power, two-dimensional code access control machine is generally ultra-thin design, so the need for two-dimensional code module in a good recognition area (wide angle), but also in the dark environment can also be smooth recognition of a variety of cell phone screen bar code or paper label bar code, but also requires two-dimensional code module with fast start, low-power design, low-cost characteristics. to meet the large-scale arrangement of the product application.

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