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图片关键词Retailers need faster, more innovative technology to keep up in today’s competitive environment.

Yokoscan revolutionizes retail markets with the latest innovations in barcoding but scanners are just the start. With mobile computers, RFID tech, pocket scanners, and coordinating software, we offer the tools for your company’s success.

Yokoscan products help retailers save time and money with efficient, streamlined data collection solutions. Lengthy processes such as ordering, dispatching, delivery, and stocking are fast and easy with Unitech mobile computer solutions. Unitech helps retailers reduce these time-consuming activities and deliver more efficient customer service. Mobile computers eliminate handwriting mistakes and can be implemented into any operational processes with limited training. Yokoscan mobile computers allow retailers to manage ordering and inventory more precisely and gain a greater understanding of how products are sold, providing more insight and better marketing awareness.

Related Solution

Yokoscan’s AIDC solutions allow users to manage ordering and inventory more precisely and streamline the work process. It gives you a distinctive edge for your business to stay agile, responsive, and efficient.


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Guangzhou Yoko Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. We are an innovative technology enterprise engaged in independent research, development and production of barcode identification equipment.

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