QR code scanner module for arcade game machine

2023-07-26 10:52:17 109

When recommending a scanning module for use on an arcade game machine to a customer, we did a lot of internal testing. Finally we chose to supply this EP6000 scanning module to our customer.

We did the following tests and considerations for our customer's usage scenario:

1. Anti-vibration design 

 The game machine will withstand continuous and different intensity of hammering and vibration, so the scanner must also be able to withstand a long time of vibration without being affected, otherwise the components of the scanner are prone to false soldering, poor contact and other phenomena, resulting in the failure of normal operation.

2. Easy to develop

Customers use USB-COM to communicate and control the scanner, so the communication protocol of the scanner must be simple and easy to use. At the same time in hardware, the scanner must be easy to embed into the game device.

3. Scanning performance

The scanner must be able to scan paper QR codes and screen QR codes quickly.

4. Size

The Compact scanning module is chosen to facilitate flexible development and save space. 


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