How to select a QR reader for gateway

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The gateway machine integrated QR code scanning module demand analysis

      The gate machine is located in the outdoors, most of them have a sunshade, and a few are not directly, so the gate machine integrated QR code module very good environmental adaptability. First of all, waterproof, followed by low power consumption and low heat, there is a need to adapt to sweep the code in strong light.

Second, how to do a good gate integration module environmental adaptability?

1, the level of protection: If the outdoor use of optional two-dimensional code module requires the entire machine protection to achieve IP54 or higher protection level, including the scanning window, the body (upper and lower cover combination), the body and the wire interface, the wire itself integrated design. If it is used in the indoor channel only need to choose the face cover waterproof can.

2, strong light adaptability: because the gate part is placed in the outdoor, so there will be strong light interference. In order to enhance the user's scanning experience, reduce the interference of strong light on the scanning module to scan the cell phone screen barcode, the scanning module camera in the exposure, automatic gain, strong light suppression and other sensor parameters need to do special tuning processing. In the purchase of two-dimensional code module need to do a simulation of the real scene of the sample of the strong light reading code test, but also need to test whether the dark environment can normally trigger the scan.


Third, how to match and test the reliability of the two-dimensional code scanning module?

1, because the two-dimensional code module is a peripheral accessories, need from the motherboard or external power supply, so the need for two-dimensional code module in the hardware circuit and embedded software logic to do special power supply processing. That is, the module itself in the encounter of power supply instability, such as 5V power supply requirements, but the actual voltage fluctuations lead to voltage pull down to 4.4V whether normal use, if lower can not work whether the voltage can be restored to the normal range can automatically return to work, without downtime or damage. In addition, in the electrostatic protection, anti-electromagnetic interference and other aspects is not from the device selection to the circuit design have done a special treatment.

2, two-dimensional code module because the embedded software contains the underlying driver, image processing, decoding algorithms, application menus and other parts, embedded software contains a large number of software code development workload. Therefore, the software framework and each module code writing quality and code testing is mature and reliable, so as to ensure long-term stability and reliability in use. This requires the selection and judgment of the supplier's product launch time, the supplier's technical development and engineering testing is professional.

Fourth, confirm whether the supplier has a complete solution pre-sales program, project integration, after-sales technical support team.

     Because the two-dimensional code scanning module is an accessory integration, the module contains optical, software, hardware and other technologies, and the gate factory does not necessarily have professional technical knowledge of the above knowledge, so the supplier needs to have a professional pre-sales, product, R & D team according to customer scenarios, do professional overall program integration discussion and evaluation, to prevent problems in the structural design, assembly process, integration details lead to the project landing appear Various details of technical quality problems.


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