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The production process of products in the electronics industry is complex and requires the identification of product ID information at certain points in the production process. With the surge in the number of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs in demand. With the increase in the number of parts such as batteries, CUPs, memory, PCBs, cameras, etc., and the accelerated miniaturization of products, manufacturers are also committed to pursuing high-quality traceability management. In view of the miniaturization of electronic parts, in many cases there is a shift from traditional contact engraving processing methods to non-contact, high-precision laser engraving and processing, so the demand for fine, high-quality, low-damage engraving traceability is increasing day by day.

In the barcode identification of electronic products, due to the miniaturization of parts, many labels barcode using high-density small barcode printing or spray code, in some plastic and metal parts, the surface of the CNC, sandblasting, oxidation, electroplating, and other processes, which will lead to the surface of the barcode showing wear, wrinkles, reflections, and many other situations, and the final product made of different colors, some of the finished products on the code contrast is very low, and It is difficult to read. This requires the barcode reader of industrial scenes to have strong recognition ability, and at the same time requires the product to have simple and efficient adaptation and map adjustment ability. For different barcodes and scenes, various image processing parameters of the adaptation camera can be adjusted through the tool software in order to obtain stable and reliable decoding image quality to ensure a stable barcode recognition effect.

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