OEM Scan Engine for Access Controller

2024-04-10 17:59:52 9

Our customer is designing an Access Controller with a QR reader for access control applications. The controller aims to incorporate flexibility, security, ease of installation, and affordability. Key features include support for both dynamic and static QR codes, AES128 encryption for secure data handling including expiration date setting, and Bluetooth synchronization for time accuracy without additional wiring.

Recommended Solution: E3000 Scan Engine


  1. Compact Design and Heat Dissipation: The E3000 scan engine is suitable for the small and compact design of the access controller. Its efficient heat dissipation capabilities ensure optimal performance during long-term operation, critical for reliability in access control systems.

  2. High Scanning Performance: The E3000 scan engine offers excellent scanning performance, capable of quickly capturing both QR codes and traditional barcodes. This ensures efficient and reliable data capture, essential for access control applications where speed is crucial.

  3. Affordability: The E3000 scan engine provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or performance. Its affordability makes it an attractive option for projects with budget constraints without sacrificing functionality.


The E3000 scan engine is the ideal choice for the Access Controller project due to its compact design, efficient heat dissipation, high scanning performance, and affordability. It ensures the successful implementation of flexible, secure, and easy-to-install access control solutions utilizing QR code technology.


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