QR code scanner for self-pickup delivery cabinet

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Nowadays, smart courier lockers are becoming increasingly popular, and people can take parcels more easily. Normally, the cabinets are equipped with a QR code scanner, for verifying user information or paying via QR code. 

We recommend the EP3000, EP8200, and EP8280 as the preferred QR code scanners for the smart cabinets. To be a reliable embedded scanner for the self-pickup cabinets, they must have the following features: 

1. Easy to be embedded and integrated. The scanner must support the interfaces that the host is using, such as USB, RS232, TTL, or RS485. The scanner also can be second developed by serial protocol or SDK. 

2.  Strong compatibility and IP rating. The scanner will withstand high and low temperatures and different weather.  Outdoors temperature difference is large, the scanner will be able to work with a high and low temperature. 

3. Excellent scanning performance. The scanner can quickly read the printed and on-screen QR codes and barcodes.

4. Not afraid of different ambient light.  Some of the cabinets are arranged outdoors. When it's nighttime,  the condition light is too dim, and when it's daytime, the sunlight is too strong even the scanner needs to withstand the impact of direct sunlight.

5. Excellent quality and can ensure long-term high-frequency use. Embedded products need to ensure that normal operation for many years, because the kiosk and the express cabinet are placed in different locations, and on-site after-sales and maintenance work is too costly.

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